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In order to fully understand the psycho-physical characteristics of the Spanish Mastiff it is necessary to know its functionality through the complex ecological environment in which it developed. The outlining of its role so well defined has got some ancient antecedents. Man replaces a hunt left to chance that was typical of the early times with a permanent hunt by acquiring pastures.
The sheep become his fundamental prey. The scheme becomes more complicated with the existence of other predators, especially the wolf that starts competing with man in order to enjoy foto di mastini spagnolithe flock. For this reason man ha sto start protecting the cattle. A further difficulty is the astuteness of the wolf which originates another primary need: a dog that will always stay with the herd and that is always willing to defend it. Mentioning the words of Diaz Navarro : "A dog with powerful muscles and powerful spirit, loyal, territorial and possessive is needed". Through an adequate selection the Iberian shepherd fully achieved his targets and for this reason Diaz Navarro defines it as: "steady, quiet, serene, calm and bucolic".
He did not use in the above descriptions adjectives as proud, terrible, etc. because as Diaz Navarro says: "The wolf is not normal in the life of the mastiff but it is only an accident to prevent. Only at the time of the fight, the dog becomes incredibly proud and terrible using all the power of his body and his spirit to the extreme limit: his life". "This dog is the most agile of the heavy dogs. It managed to survive till today keeping his power, flexibility and nimbleness and being able to carry his weight very well. During most of the year his main feature is peacefulness and its companion the immense solitude. The mastiff wants to satisfy this feeling of loneliness, even stronger than the wolf's, during the long nights full of stars. His sense of duty, of obliged surveillance do not allow it to indulge in apathy". (Diaz Navarro). Traditionally the transhumant shepherd has attached the mastiff to the flock more than to himself.
Till his death it will have to walk beside the sheep that become its real love, its umbilical cord. For this reason the rhythm of this breed is the one of the sheep and not of the wolf as many people think incorrectly. His rhythm is mild as the classic ripening of nature in an ear, of wheat in a baby. (Diaz Navarro) Our dog has got the characteristics of the gladiator and the wayfarer. "Fight.if necessary and walk, always walk, 30Km a day in transhumant movement and 9 Km of usual pasture; without considering all the coming and going of the vigilance. Its peculiarity is not running but the trot. It is custom to wait during the pasture."(Diaz Navarro)

The six features that make the breed and that every breeder must expect from his mastiff are: typicality, character, structure and angle, general harmony, firmness and a distinguished carriage. By logic, we could say that typicality is everything that "has got type's quality".
Lexicographers define the type like: "example of a species, theoretical or really existing that joints atcaratteristiche del spanish mastiff the maximum grade and with the maximum purity, its peculiar qualities" and also as "model used to evaluate and measure the aspects of his species". Typicality seems like synonymous of breed's domination or standard, however we can guess that the word hides something more subtle. If we affirm that typicality is everything that can be transmitted with continuity in a breed making it as such, the definition is more acceptable as it introduces the kinetic element, spreading from father to son and at the same time delimiting the exact borders of the word.
A wide skull that offers enough cerebral capacity, a wide chest that guarantees the good functionality of the lungs, a powerful heart, a strong liver, a good muscular tonicity, a quick feet, powerful skeleton, a good angle, a firm and balanced character are all features that we must expect from a Spanish Mastiff that however do not form its typicality. The origin of the Spanish Mastiff is the transhumance of which it is a legitimate son. Without any doubt, the Spanish Mastiff is a refined and purified product of ecology. The physical means (essentially the transhumance) and the fight with the animals dangerous for the cattle (especially wolves). They selected both genes, the autochthonous and the strangers giving life to a specimen unique in the world.

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