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Our business of dog breeders started through various phases, about 25 years ago, with the selection of the San Bernard dog. After a break of a few years the passion, never cooled, turned in a "overpowering" way to these extraordinary races, that are the Spanish Mastiff and the Tibetan Mastiff.
This passion and love for dog comes true in 1986 by asking for the acknowledgement of the affix "DEL DHARMAPURI" continuing that journey not always easy, that only what we call "the dog-loving passion disease" allows you to travel. The name of the "Del Dharmapuri" dog breeding originates from another of our passions : a deep interest in the Oriental culture. In Sanskrit language Dharma is what supports and nourishes life, and "puri" means place or also city.
Therefore, DHARMAPURI is that place where life is nourished, in this case of course it is the life of the dog. In other words a true dog breeding centre is where the life of the reared subjects is protected and treated in the best possible way, in order to produce healthy, beautiful and efficient subjects. This is also one of our ethical and moral duty.
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