We would like to give the sad news of the loss of Rubi, our most beloved dog.

Rubi was the star of our kennel, he represented what is the most perfect of Spanish mastiffs, in the physical, character, balance, pride, and finally, in his infinite tenderness.

He was our colossal LOVE, serious and profound, capable of dealing with all phases of his life as a Real Mastiff, independent and strong, but gifted with an unconditional affection.

In the old age he showed a touching humbleness gently yielding himself to our care, without a groan, fighting until the end.

He has taught us what it means to react even when you do not have any force left and he has taught us what it means to have a big heart capable of welcoming many little hearts .....ours.

He has left us the joy to see him again and forever, every day, in his offspring that reflect and have inherited so much of its beauty and character.

He left with a wonderful dignity, waiting (to our great sadness) the moment of solitude.

Rubi, in your eyes our eyes….in your heart our hearts….

For ever with us.

spanish mastiff